our vision

Dalfior Cleaning and Maintenance Company was established on a simple belief that quality workmanship and open communication are the keys to true customer satisfaction.  consequat.

At Dalfior Cleaning and Maintenance Company, we strive to provide a superior level of cleaning and maintenance service, and a consistency that is reliable, flexible and understanding of the unique needs of our clients in The Greater Boston including Quincy, Saugus, Lexington, Concord, Woburn, and Belmont. Our experienced and motivated team excels in prompt and accurate communication to ensure that we always deliver more than expected.

Join us in our quest: Let us take dirt off your hands.

Our work team

Mark McCoist
Executive Administrator
Bradley Grosh
Accountant / Bookkeeper
Myra Smith
Director of Consulting
Rita Pool
Marketing Manager
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our history

In 1995, Marcelio e Milane Dalfior with a batch of brochures and business cards, and cold called his way to every significant business address he could find.

After several weeks and a few lucky breaks, Dalfior Cleaning was born. Milane managed his cleaning contracts in between other jobs, and as a short term project decided to continue the business,

However the enjoyment and excitement of a fast growing business meant that the company became a longer term project. One customer after another offered opportunities to clean their home and offices, and before we knew it we set up a working force.

A friendly and nurturing culture was established very early on. The emphasis was on a genuine care for the welfare of cleaning staff and managers. This resulted in staff loyalty and long service, which lead to continuity and delight from the clients. To this day, this remains a cornerstone to our approach.

Dalfior Cleaning has always encouraged an informal but professional style of management. We communicate well with our clients, ensuring we understand needs and deliver accordingly. We ask you what your top 3 pains were from previous suppliers, and we set about eradicating them.

In 2012, we developed and launched an innovative questioner which delivers measurable quality, health and safety management and training modules. It is groundbreaking technology and differentiates us further from our competitors. All Managers carry iPads and provide a regular flow of data and feedback from the App, empowering clients with as much recorded data as they may require.

As a further touch of appreciation, all staff receives a birthday card

For the future, we simply aim to continue working with our clients, and strengthen our client base by way of recommendation and by really keeping in tune with what our clients really want and expect from us.